I grew up in a country with a diverse and creative culture.  My family lived in a small town.  Mom, dad, and six siblings; four girls, and two boys.  My family was not wealthy so certain things I went without during my childhood years.  Because we did not have much financially, toys were not the #1 item on the shopping list.  The lack of toys taught me and my siblings to be creative.  We made our own toys and found ways to entertain ourselves.

Now an adult, I envisioned ways of showing my creativity but never thought it would become a reality.  I loved the arts but never really had the drive to propel myself to live my dreams.  A dream I like to call, ‘GREATNESS.’  I did not see myself as talented enough.  After attending a wine and art class I had an epiphany that I could actually do this.  I decided to take that leap of faith and unleashed my inner imagination.